How many self-care appliances and products does one girl require? My mum once asked me after stepping foot into my more than well-stocked bathroom. It’s no secret that I’m a beauty junkie, and I’ve over time learned that it’s not enough to simply use high quality makeup. I, therefore, have an endless selection of beauty tools and products and some of these have literally changed my life. When purchasing beauty appliances, it ultimately boils down to practicality. Here are some of the beauty tools without which I can’t live.

Flat Iron

There is more to a hair straightener than helping me acquire shiny, straight locks. A flat iron is a versatile device that doubles as a curling and straightening tool. This device will often come in handy when I get tired of my old appearance; changing my hairstyle goes a long way in modifying my personality. It essentially leaves my hair hanging loose, giving me a perfectly groomed appearance. A flat iron can be used to modify any type of hair, whether real hair or extensions. Moreover, ironed hair looks extremely silky, clean and healthy; I’m, however, careful not to overdo it. My carefully selected flat iron expediently styles my hair devoid of causing heat damage, uneven texture or even breakage.


IPL Machine

Call me lazy, but I’ve experienced multiple pitfalls while shaving, including irritation, speedy re-growth, ingrown hairs, not to mention irritation. Besides, shaving can be extremely exhausting especially for someone like me whose hair grows in expediently; razors are not for me. I was, therefore, compelled to consider alternative methods of hair removal. Professional laser hair removal ultimately proved to be a very expensive option, at which point the next best thing in the form of at-home laser removal appliances came in to save the day.

An IPL machine is particularly useful for people who are tired of shaving every other day; someone like me seeking an affordable, yet effective alternative to professional laser hair removal. When choosing the ideal gadget for my needs, I considered the treatment duration of my prospective device, flash size, pulse speed, window size and suitability to the specific body parts I frequently need to treat.


Skin Cleanser

A wise person once told me that attaining healthy skin is not always a walk in the park. This is largely attributable to the rising pollution levels coupled with increased exposure to dust and sunlight. The majority of women often face a myriad of skin issues that include darkened spots, acne and widened spores to mention a few. This is where a skin cleanser comes in handy; it helps me to effortlessly attain the kind of skin I would normally achieve after undergoing a micro facial massage.

A superior quality skin cleanser can reverse the adverse effects of air pollution and besides, the sebum is restored on my skin in a jiffy. Even when my skin doesn’t appear dirty or grimy, I am fully aware that it is. My cleanser rids my skin of pollutants, sweat, pollutants and dead skin buildup that would otherwise clog the pores.


Hair Dryer

A grooming kit cannot be complete without a hair dryer; every woman needs this handy device regardless of their age. Blowing my hair not only helps to get rid of unwanted dampness but also achieve a desirable volume and curls. A hairdryer is particularly useful when I’m running late to an appointment or date; I simply blow my hair for a few minutes, and I’m all set to step out.  When choosing a hairdryer, I would advise that you figure out your hair type, coarseness, and thickness.


A Round Brush

This genius invention is a must-have gadget on every woman’s makeup kit. I often utilize a round hair brush when looking to achieve a unique hairdo especially when flat ironing or blow drying my hair. When purchasing this hairbrush, I was careful to consider my hair type, size, and texture. I also chose a round hair brush with water repelling properties, which goes a long way in giving me a dry and set hairdo within minutes.



This tops the list of my favorite appliances even when I don’t intend to DIY my eyebrows often. Having a pair of tweezers on hand helps with the swift removal of wayward hairs particularly the kind that appears to grow overnight. Since I can’t tell when I’ll need to do a little plucking and grooming on my brows, I keep this appliance nearby. It essentially allows me to keep my eyebrows in perfect shape between waxing appointments.

With the above tools, I can remain well-groomed even when I don’t have enough time to maintain a beauty regime. If you’re like me and you enjoy experimenting with your looks while also keeping your skin and hair healthy, grab some of these must-have appliances. While I won’t promise that these gadgets will give you supermodel appearance, they will definitely earn you more compliments. Don’t be surprised if you can’t help taking selfies!