4 Things I Do When I Write Books

For years, my dream was to become an author of several books. I believed that I had great ideas that I needed to share with the world through writing. As an author of few books now, I can confidently confirm that the hardest part of a writer’s job is coming up with interesting topics and compiling an entertaining read. When I look back on what it takes to be a great author, I realize how different it is from the smooth run I expected.  I initially got inspired to write a sentence, worked hard to compose a paragraph and strained even harder to complete a chapter. Eventually, I delivered remarkably, with my success boiling down to the four great things I do when I write books.


Prioritizing choosing a Genre


When I take a quick glance at my bookshelf, I see romantic, historical, leadership and tragedy books to name a few of the most common genres.  Picking a suitable category is the first step I take when writing a book. My choice is not based on what genre sells most; it is founded on the stories I enjoy reading.  A horror fan writing about a romance novel is bound to fail. Since there are so many readers out there with different tastes for genres, it’s important for an author to realize that they cannot satisfy everybody with a single novel. When writing a story, it feels like I’m narrating the script to myself although the book eventually goes to the market. If I couldn’t enjoy my own story, I wouldn’t expect someone else to.


Creating Different Characters


Characters, rather than plots, are the soul of every good book. The involved characters stay in the minds of the readers for generations, but the stories might be quickly forgotten. There are key things that I specifically consider when creating every character including their age, name, family background, wealth and education. The character’s arc is also something I keenly consider. This refers to the gradual development characters go through. For instance, the main character might start off being naïve only to end up a steely adult.


Writing The First Draft

The first draft is where I get to discover my story. As I begin jotting down word after word, plots, and characters start moving in unexpected directions. This is where I allow my creative juices to flow and break down my complex ideas on paper. Being perfect is the last thing I think of; the faster I jot down on the paper, the more I get to understand the characters, styles, forms, and plots. Eventually, my rough assortment of ideas, plotlines, and thoughts come together to form a compressive book, which is achieved after extensive editing and revisions. What motivates me to keep going is the idea that people want a finished book rather than an interesting manuscript that I almost wrote.


Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body


As an author, my health is my greatest asset. To this end, I’ve come to realize that a blend of blueberries goes a long way in boosting my brain functionality that is why I recommend buying a smoothie blender. While most people prefer taking alcoholic drinks or caffeine to balance their mood, I would rather consume a glass of the delicious blueberry smoothie. This drink contains protective antioxidants like vitamin C, selenium, vitamin E and lutein. Unlike with this healthy smoothie, the effects brought about by caffeine and alcohol are temporary. When the superficial excitement and energy fades, one might end up feeling worse than before. Such a smoothie also serves to protect me from chronic illnesses. The antioxidants contained in the blueberries are used at fighting free radical molecules that would otherwise damage the body cells and hence increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.


As an accomplished author, I would say that it hasn’t been an easy journey. I was actually embarrassed about my first book, but without it, I would never have learned how to write the second one in an improved manner. Shortly put, there’s no shortcut to success; an aspiring writer must have the courage to put their work out there, fail and try again. Every writer started somewhere; most of us had to squeeze our dream in the small opportunities we get in our daily and busy schedule. Discussed above are the four things I do when I write books, which could be what most aspiring writers are missing.

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